Fracking Gas Filter; £49.99


This was an amazing find on the internet. It is a device you can get any gas fitter (qualified, of course) to fit on your gas meter so that none of the gas you use in your house comes from a fracked source. I had difficulty getting it off the page as my IT skills are not up to screenshots but I got the photo of the valve and noted down the salient points of the device


gas valve

The fracking gas filter is sold by Freecotricity, an upcoming green supplier, who also provide green gas to the grid. The filter means that we only use their gas and nothing fracked whether from The USA or in the future from the UK.

The valve is inserted between meter and mains pipe (and  must be fixed by a qualified gas fitter). It prevents fracked gas entering your domestic supply, by preferentially only allowing non-fracked natural gas molecules through and ensuring that fracked gas molecules do not enter your deomastic supply. The technique is based on scientific methods used in the Marcellus areas of Pennsylvania to distinguish between natural methane in water supplies and that which seeps in from fracked wells. This is because there is a subtle difference in the chemical structure of fracked and unfracked gas and this advanced piece of kit fulfils it purpose admirably and ought to be fitted by all green householders.

At present this valve is only available in Britain but they hope to make an export version for the American market.

The manufacturers are also developing a “valve” for electricity supplies, which can block off any electricity produced by either coal- or fracked-gas- generation, but at present there are several glitches which are in the process of being sorted. They hope to have this ready for next April.




5 thoughts on “Fracking Gas Filter; £49.99

  1. PNG

    Oh, the stupid does burn, and you don’t even have to light it. (Hi, Michael, long time since the ASA list – hope you are doing well.)


  2. hengistmcstone

    That’s a joke right ?
    My idea of humour is that it points out perspectives that draw the audience together usually in an unexpected way.


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