The farce of fractivism

I have often wondered if fractivists, whether NIMBY or doctrinaire, actually think what they are doing.

If they oppose Natural Gas, (usually fracked) then they must also oppose all dirtier fossil fuels; e.g. diesel which caused so much air pollution in the south east of England last month  and especially coal, the dirtiest old man of the lot.  Now coal is being used in ever increasing amounts for electricity generation.

To me, if you are a fractivist, you should be consistent and not use any fossil fuels. It’s like being opposed to sexual exploitation and visiting a brothel weekly.

So, on one of my regular jaunts round the delightful Lancashire countryside on my favourite means of transport;


Yes, a bicycle. Low emissions and all the rest of good green credentials. And so I passed Cuadrilla’s fracked gas-well at Elswick, which is so in your face as you cycle down the road and drink in the scenery. Here it is taken from 500 yards away. You can see it clearly just to the right of the smaller pylon in the centre of the photo.


And so I came to the little hamlet of Roseacre, where Cuadrilla will start drilling soon. This sign had gone


But several houses had the sign up (Greenpeace’s duplicitous campaign against fracking) and lo!, there were delivering coal


Now that is rich! You object to Natural Gas, the cleanest fossil fuel, and stock up with the dirtiest – COAL – and pumps out twice as much CO2  and also sulphur in various forms, particles of all sizes and dirties your neighbour’s washing.

Now if this isn’t hypocrisy , what is?


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