Fracking Scared in Fylde

Yes, some are fracking scared of fracking in the Fylde. Since Cuadrilla announced that they were applying to prospect near Roseacre some eight miles inland from Blackpool some residents have become very concerned about the future, and more so after RAFF (Residents against fracking;fylde) came to speak at a public meeting in March which I described some time ago With all that disinformation and a concern about the unknownit was not surpising that Not for Shale signs appeared in the villages of Roseacre and Wharles . with this scaremongering at least one resident failed to sell their house, but the blame should be put on Greenpeace and other merchants of doubt like RAFF and not Cuadrilla.

And now even more posters are being put up


As I approached the sign I only read “We are really scared”, however I soon realised it was echoing all the disinformation on the Roseacre Awareness Group on Facebook, which seems to come straight from Frackoff. If residents do not read anything from the Royal Society, DECC, Environment Agency, British Geological Survey or Public Health England, it is no wonder that they are scared.  All of those seem to be censored from the Roseacre facebook page. Further they are no independent expositions of fracking and so these merchants of doubt cash in on the genuine worries of concerned residents.

So it is no wonder some residents are disgruntled, but would do better to read accounts of fracking from those who are not barking mad.


to me the saddest thing about all this is that residents of these villages, who are genuinely concerned what fracking could mean for them, are wound up by fractivists who simply peddle false information. Some well-meaning councillors or community leaders invite those who do this, including one self-professed oil and gas engineer who reckons fracking could result in Blackpool sinking below sea-level. That is on the RAFF website. It must rank as the silliest comment ever made about fracking.


Now this is just a quickie blog, and will be expanded when I have suitable photos.  The quality of these two are poor as water got into my waterproof camera and thus the rest of my photos are misty. So I will come back to this and also consider Greatplumpton.

So wait until I have a new camera!

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