Father of Big Bang and Christianity


There’s not much to say about the relation of science and religion once you have grasped that Georges Le Maitre, who is effectively the one who  suggested the Big Bang in the 1920s, that Le Maitre was a Roman Catholic priest and a great scientist on the cutting edge of science.

Why do some , whether Creationist or extreme atheist want to perpetuate this myth.

PS My good friend George gave his usual challenge and rightly points out there is no warfare but a lot of “dialogue” is needed to clarify matters.


One thought on “Father of Big Bang and Christianity

  1. George Murphy

    I can’t agree. There are serious issues for religion posed by a scientific understanding of the world that do not at all arise from any idea that the Bible is a textbook of science. For example, the basic belief enshrined in the Lord’s Prayer that God can be looked to to provide our daily bread is in some tension with the fact that science can explain quite thoroughly where our daily bread comes from. I am NOT saying that that tension can’t be resolved, that God can’t have anything to do with events that can be explained scientifically. But there is a religion-science issue there that needs too be dealt with explicitly by any adequate theology. That is just one example. There need be no “warfare” between theology and science but there does need to be dialogue.



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