Andrew Snelling proves the accuracy of radiometric dating in one graphic

More absurdity from a leading creationist – Andrew Snelling

Age of Rocks

Earlier in the year, Dr. Andrew Snelling of Answers in Genesis gave us ample reason to believe that radiometric dating of meteorites is solid. Why does this matter? By dating certain types of meteorites, geologists arrive at the most precise age estimate of our Earth: 4.56 billion years. One may try to dispute whether the Earth formed simultaneously with these meteorites (we have strong reason to believe it did), since the oldest minerals that we can date directly are only ~4.3 billion years old. Regardless, even Snelling recognizes that multiple independent methods consistently tell us the Earth is billions—not thousands—of years old.

Image Credit: Falling Time by Samuel JohnFalling Time by Samuel John via Flickr.

But how precisely do we know these ages? One of the key assumptions in radiometric dating is that we can know how fast the radioactive parent element decays into the radiogenic daughter element. Just like calibrating an hourglass, where sand falls at a…

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