Why we need the energy triangle

Why we need different forms of fuel – but not coal


A couple of weeks ago, Ed Davey – secretary of state for energy and climate change – announced the go-ahead for onshore natural gas exploration to resume using the hydraulic fracturing technique.  In the wake of this announcement, the debate about how we meet our energy needs has raged on.  This is my take.

I’ve said many times before that if we’re going to use energy to power our modern lifestyles, we have to accept that it’s got to come from somewhere.  And with that acceptance, we need to also recognise that there are a whole host of pros and cons to each – no energy source is entirely without some environmental consequence.

To meet our growing demand in a way that minimises harm to the environment, we’re going to need three sources of supply in the mid- to long-term.  As I see it, this energy triangle consists of:


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