Where have all the Harriers gone?

Several years ago I was walking in a remote part of the Forest of Bowland similar to this in the photo, but not the same place


My dog was with me and I was enjoying a snack not being able to hear anything or see any trace of human habitation. I then heard the call of birds above me, not “kee, kee” as of buzzards but they were three Hen Harriers who were clearly extremely annoyed at my presence. I realised that as it was nesting season it could mean only one thing. I was near a nest. I resisted temptation (not difficult) to look for the nest and went on my way. I reported the sighting to the RSPB and told no one of the location.

That was four years ago and I have not seen a Hen Harrier since. I have also seen very few Buzzards, which are more common in lowland Fylde. In North Wales when we lived there buzzards were common, and Red Kites were getting more common in the 90s.

There have been great efforts to help Hen Harriers in the Forest of Bowland and this year nesting was successful and two fledglings were reared. However Hope and Sky, the two fledglings disappeared without trace on 10th and 13th September


This forces me to ask the questions

1. Where have the fledgling Harriers gone?

2. Why are buzzards rare in the Forest of Bowland?

Perhaps this court case answers the question;


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