“Dear Aunty, is Tony Bosworth right to criticise UK environmental laws?”

Can’t Friends of the Earth ever get things right?

Aunty Frackers blog

Put simply, dears, no.

If you take a look at Tony’s LinkedIn profile, here, you’ll find precious little evidence that he’s ever worked in the real world and certainly not in industry.

Which leads one to question whether he’s even qualified to pass comment on the UK’s regulations, let alone attempt to do so with such apparent authority.

Let’s take a look at some of his recent comments in this Fiends of the Earth blog post.

Writing about a recent radio programme, Tony says:

“Much of the attention in the programme was on the key issue of well integrity: will fracking wells be properly constructed and who checks this? This is critical because poorly constructed wells increase the risk of leaks of fracking fluid or of methane gas. Analysis for Friends of the Earth reported that between 7 and 9% of newly-drilled shale gas wells in Pennsylvania have…

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