“Dear Aunty, is it really the case that proposed amendments to the Infrastructure Bill are intended to pave the way for depleted shale gas wells to be used as disposal facilities?”

More nonsense from Greenies exploded/fracked

Aunty Frackers blog

No, of course not poppets, but that is exactly how it’s been portrayed by the groups that will do anything to try and derail shale – including deliberately overplaying risks in order to frighten communities into joining their cause.

So, what exactly are the proposed amendments that have enabled Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and others to whip up so much hysteria?

You can find the text here http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/bills/lbill/2014-2015/0002/amend/ml002-VII.htm and it’s this proposal from Baroness Kramer that has got everyone so exercised dears:

Insert the following new Clause—
“Further provision about the right of use
(1) The ways in which the right of use may be exercised include—

(a) drilling, boring, fracturing or otherwise altering deep-level land;

(b) installing infrastructure in deep-level land;

(c) keeping, using or removing any infrastructure installed in deep-level land;

(d) passing any substance through, or putting any substance into, deep-level land or infrastructure installed…

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