Looking at the problem through different lenses

Why do self-styled greenies – of the dark sort – rubbish any intelligent green who is actually tackling environmental issues?


Just this morning, I was engaged in a conversation by someone on the social media site, Twitter.  They took exception to a comment I made and then tried to tell me what my views are on the environment and climate change.  It struck me how the internet and social media sites have enabled people to engage others in an openly confrontational and hostile manner – a manner that I am quite sure they wouldn’t do if sat in the same room as the people they’re criticising.

Looking at the problem through a different lense

During my career in the environmental services sector, spanning nearly two decades, I have worked very hard to encourage businesses to embrace ‘green’ thinking.

I have developed and deployed resource efficiency and waste minimisation strategies with my clients, that seek to cut raw material, energy and water consumption whilst reducing waste and boosting recycling.

As a result, I’ve helped to divert thousands of tonnes of…

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