Canterbury fracking debate

How can you have a “debate” with people wilfully misinformed against fracking. Nick Riley most well-informed person on debate


Seven people with an interest and expertise in fracking debated the question Should fracking be allowed in Britain? in front of an audience of around 200 people at Canterbury Christ Church University. Each of the panelists spoke for about seven minutes and then answered questions from the audience.

We’ve extracted the key arguments from the panelists’ presentations. You can also follow links to a transcript of the full version. The panelists are in the order that they spoke at the event.

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2 thoughts on “Canterbury fracking debate

  1. Paul Braterman

    Some amazing alarmism. There’s an interesting parallel with the GMO debate; real issues in both cases but not new or specific. With GMO we have much more general questions about ownership of proprietary seed, and with fracking we have questions about underground hydrocarbon exploration and drilling. My only specific concern with fracking is that cheaper gas may lead to more use and hence more CO2, but the answer is easy; a carbon tax.



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