The reason for Climate Change! Don’t laugh too much

Caution Creationists3



This deserves the prize for the best (not) explanation of Climate Change and why we don’t see dinosaurs today




This lad and his acolytes have got it all wrong



9 thoughts on “The reason for Climate Change! Don’t laugh too much

  1. Paul Braterman

    The more we expose this crank (or fraud, depending on whether or not he believes this stream of gibberish), the more we need to ask ourselves, why do we still need to be talking about him? Why isn’t he laughed off stage?

    If we knew that, we would be better placed to do something about it.


      1. Paul Braterman

        And paradoxically, the firmer and more absurd the answer the greater the virtue in believing it? What’s the counter-measure? And how do you sell the idea of critical examination to those who think (as up to a point you do) that faith itself is a virtue? If we can crack that, we’ll be getting somewhere.


      2. michaelroberts4004 Post author

        To over-simplify there have been strands either fideism which ignores any reason or dreaded secular thought, fides quarens intellectum – faith seeking understanding (Anselm), with various shades. Creationism is fideism but claiming support. Most Christians who think are in the latter category -Origen, Augustine, Aquinas Calvin Luther (less so) and so on up to today. Many more conservative types hold to a mixture of fideism and FQI.


      3. Paul Braterman

        So the attraction of creationist pseudoscience is that it gives the illusion of reinforcing faith with understanding. Much like free market absolutists believing they get support from classical economics, another science as outdated as Cuvier’s fixism that is accepted without scrutiny? If so, a difficult one to budge


      4. Paul Braterman

        Good idea. right now I’m polishing a blog piece on the Giants’ causeway,where I plan to say (and this I think would fit your programme)

        “One would expect any politician to be proud to have within his constituency so dramatic a statement of the Earth’s history. Not so. Northern Ireland Assembly member Mervyn Storey, who is currently Chair of the Northern Ireland Education Committee, is vice-chairman of the Caleb Foundation. This body rejects the whole of modern geology as well as evolutionary biology, and claimed credit (if that is the correct word) for discussions with which led the National Trust to include an extraordinary section in the text of the explanatory display at the Visitors’ Centre. This described Young Earth creationism as one of the theories regarding the formation of the Causeway, on the same level as the geological discussion, and invited visitors to consider both. The resulting outrage led to a letter writing campaign with its own Facebook page (which survives as a discussion forum), and eventual removal of the offending language.

        I was amazed when I learnt what Storey considered to be the real cause of the Causeway; Noah’s Flood. Surely, I thought, even he would be aware that basalts had an igneous rather than an aqueous origin. It was only later that I learnt of the Flood Geology that lies at the heart of the re-emergence of creationism. According to this, the year of Noah’s Flood was accompanied by a catastrophic remoulding of the entire planet, including dizzying motions of the continents, and massive outpourings of lava. (No matter that there is absolutely nothing in the Bible to suggest anything of the kind). This is why the creationist literature is full of attempts to revive the long-dead conflict between catastrophism and uniformitarianism. As I mentioned in my last post, T. H. Huxley had pronounced the obituary on this conflict in 1865, but I do not think that people like Melvyn Storey pay much attention to Huxley.”


  2. Ashley Haworth-roberts

    . (blog cited by Raw Story)

    What might be the key phrase in this farrago of lies and nonsense about climate and about the wicked false allegations of the secularists against those poor put-upon young earth creationist Bible defenders (what about that fictional YEC ‘ice age’ less than 5,000 years ago just after the flood was that also a – totally unbiblical – part of that ‘settling down’)? It is probably ‘Starting with the Bible …’. Starting with the Bible you get a message of redemption with God offering to forgive humans’ personal sins if people will trust the sacrifice of Jesus as paying the price for all their sins. Or you get heaps of mendacious nonsense about science and history, untestable pseudo-scientific drivel, and endless false propaganda against those wicked secular scientists and the secular media – who persecute and ‘misrepresent’ non-compromised biblical believers like Mr Ham.

    I see that this later Ham blog (not yet read) is entitled ‘More than half of Americans believe the Bible is inaccurate’. I’ll wager that included in that number are some Americans who use to swallow the pseudo-science of people like Mr Ken Ham but then investigated further (they might still be Christians or they might not).




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