Best explanation of the Geological Column

I realise all my geological teachers were wrong as have been all geologists for the last 300 years. This convinces me on how the Geological succession was formed.







Please look at my other posts on Creationism, which are more serious

2 thoughts on “Best explanation of the Geological Column

  1. Peter N. Nevraumont

    I am co-authoring with Ian Tattersall, a Curator at the American Museum of Natural History, a book entitled A History of the World in Fifty Fakes, Forgeries and Fallacies.

    One of the illustrations we would like to use in this book is on your website @

    Is there any chance this is yours? If not, do you have any idea whose it is?

    Thanks in advance for any help in this matter.


    Névraumont Publishing Company
    221 8th Avenue
    Number 3
    Brooklyn, New York 11215-3079

    Phone: 917-806-0920



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