Walking Brock Bottoms, Lancashire

Today was a perfect December day, so this afternoon I went for a two hour walk along Brock

Bottoms. The River Brock flows into the Wyre and thence into the North Sea.Here the Brock is in a deepish valley, which today did not always get the sun. My route was simple ; I walked up stream for two miles and then as it was so beautiful retraced my steps.

Despite being so close to large towns I did not meet a soul. However I did see a dipper and a few sheep.

By the time I got back to the car – at 4.30 it was dark. The joys of the English winter, but walking downstream in the gloaming was a treat – so quiet and peaceful.

To any who thinks this has nothing to do with my other posts, it has everything to do with them as it is a form of meditating on and communing with God through his creation. “From nature up to nature’s God2 as Wordsworth expressed it. (Yes , I am a nature romantic among other things.)


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