Glasgow’s Intelligent Design Director has ”open mind” on age of Earth

This is a Young Earther without the guts to admit he believes the earth is 6000 years old. Not an open mind but a closed and feeble one.

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Al Furqan Mosque, Glasgow, in whose Community Hall Dr Noble spoke last Friday (November 28) on ‘Intelligent Design: Myth or Reality?’

See how many errors of fact and logic you can find in what Dr Noble, Director of Glasgow’s own Centre for Intelligent Design, said when asked about the age of the Earth. This was on the occasion of his visiting a mosque as part of the activities of Scotland’s Interfaith Council, which receives £9,000,000 a year of taxpayer money. I will be forwarding this blog post to him, and offering him equal space to reply.

Dr Noble said that the scientific consensus is about 3 billion years old, but there is a lot of uncertainty about all scientific things and some think the earth’s only thousands of years old. He thinks the Earth might be old, but human beings might be “much younger than most scientists would accept”. A geologist…

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1 thought on “Glasgow’s Intelligent Design Director has ”open mind” on age of Earth

  1. Ben

    Hmmm. Interesting chap; or, for another perspective, just someone else doing exactly the same as millions of other people.

    I think its best to look at this as a psychological issue. I personally am not so polite to consider a person educated and clever in all fields just because they are in another, or even to judge a person as a well rounded individual just because they have a degree or phd. It is clearly possible to have a degree and be a dick, be disliked, be happy or unhappy, be tolerant or intolerant, be peaceful or fly planes into buildings. We go a long way to call people who hold higher degrees of education ‘cleverer’, but I think in reality that that is just a thing we do today as a cultural function of a meritocracy. I do not think that the grand sense of education is to tick boxes and be capable of passing exams, or even just becoming very good in one subject while remaining arrogantly superior about others based on ‘faith’ (which I don’t take to be a real thing in a theological sense, just a neural thing in the brain wiring sense). Ultimately I think that education can be judged as having failed on an individual even if they can tick the right boxes or hold down a job with that applied knowledge. Otherwise education is reduced to that box ticking and not towards the goal of real understanding.



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