The stupidist argument for faith – ever

The facepalming snapshot from Twitter is doing the rounds;


There couldn’t be a better example of the perennial accusation that Christian faith is belief contrary to facts. I get exceptionally annoyed when I am told that Faith is contrary to reason/evidence/facts. Apart from some in churches I thought no intelligent Christian believed it. I suppose I am right as Joel Osteen clearly does 🙂 To those, who like me, did not know ” Joel Scott Osteen (born March 5, 1963)[2] is an American preacher, televangelist, author, and the Senior Pastor of Lakewood Church, the largest Protestant church in the United States, in Houston, Texas” from that inerrant source of facts .

And so, 43,000 hear this kind of brilliant intellectual Christian teaching every week in church and many more outside. All he has done is to play into the hands of atheists, humanists, agnostics and the most Satanic of all, liberal Christians and compromising evangelicals who actually think.

I don’t know whether to laugh at this or to cry. It is stupendous act of stupid and makes more mockery of the Christian faith than every atheist in the world!

What Osteen is saying is simple;

Christianity has no facts (truth) behind it and is just a matter of blind belief.

You might as believe in the saving effects of the Sugar Plum Fairy, though I suggest many lovers would say that this is to blind faith.

Undoubtedly this kind of folly of blind belief has deep roots among evangelicals and fundamentalists and is sure to put anyone who has even a quarter of a brain off god for life.

About as daft is this statement from Ted Cruz, a leading politician, who may run for president.


Now once you get someone hearing voices that is the time to run – even if they went to Princeton (but then probably even more so.).

Both these  “leading Christians” highlight what is wrong with so much conservative Christianity and show just how much many churches need to look to themselves and ask how this kind of stupid is so rife.


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