Pennine Perspectives on Rewilding

This could be done in the Forest of Bowland, but note the peat restoration

South Pennines Campaign Network

Those with an interest in conservation issues may have noticed that the concept of ‘rewilding’ has gained increasing prominence over the last few years.  Defined by George Monbiot, perhaps the UK’s best known advocate of rewilding, as ‘the mass restoration of ecosystems,’ it involves ‘reintroducing missing animals and plants, taking down the fences, blocking the drainage ditches, culling a few particularly invasive exotic species but otherwise standing back.’

In order to achieve this, Monbiot argues that the current system of agricultural subsidies should be overhauled, so that subsidies can only be claimed for up to 100 ha (250 acres), and that the requirement to keep land in ‘agricultural condition’ should be removed.  Perhaps more eye-catching is the suggestion that extinct animals such as wolves and lynx should be re-introduced in order to allow trophic cascades to occur, as seen most famously when wolves were re-introduced in Yellowstone National Park (Monbiot…

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