Are Greenpeace eco-vandals?

During the Climate Change meetings in Peru, activists aka lawbeakers from Greenpeace trespasses a Nazca to make the demonstration, damaging the site in the process


This is common practice for Greenpeace who often break the law all in the name of protecting the environment, but here they are wrecking it.

As news of this came out they said sorry, but that is not enough.

Surely it is time to see though their immoral antics and regard them as enemies of the environment and not protectors?

Greenpeace have also opposed GMOs for years and are strongly suspected of damaging trial crops of Golden rice. As a result they are accused of killing thousands and allowing millions to go blind.

In Britain their latest campaign has been agfainst fracking/shale gas with their duplicitous Not for Shale campaign, which has probably made residents in Lancashire lose value on their homes.


I have blogged this before;

Is it not time to regard Greenpeace as an environmental pariah and for them to be ignored as a respectable environmental group?



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