Introduction to Intelligent Design, Alastair Noble (review)

Actually this is YOUNG EARTH creationism, but not admitted

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Summary: a doctrine that doesn’t deliver, the usual rhetorical tricks, begging the question, ignoring the evidence, distorting the science, and leaving all the work still to do.

I promised friends I would review this, so here it is.  Fortunately, a paragraph by paragraph review has already been carried out by my BCSE colleague, Dr Robert Saunders, Reader in Molecular Genetics at the Open University, so I can be brief.

A doctrine that doesn’t deliver

NoblePamphletThis pamphlet is indeed a worthy introduction to what now goes by the name of Intelligent Design. Quote mining, baseless claims, ignoring of established facts, repetition of long exploded arguments, and, at the heart of it all, a purported explanation of phenomena that proves on examination to explain nothing. All as a thinly disguise excuse to discard what we actually know about deep evolution and, in the ID movement on this side of the Atlantic at…

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One thought on “Introduction to Intelligent Design, Alastair Noble (review)

  1. Paul Braterman

    I disagree, Michael. There is, indeed, other evidence for Dr Noble’s Young Earth views, but everything in this leaflet is derivative of US Discovery Institute materials, which are broad tent creationist.



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