Why Creationism Does Not Honor God

Another similar perspective on Creationism.

The Upside Down World

I’m going to start my day by ticking people off!

Just let me say at the outset that I am not saying that people who hold a belief in what is called “biblical creationism” do not honor God.  They may or may not.  But the belief system itself does not honor God.  Why?  Because it denies the work of God’s own hands.  The creation is very important to God.  “It is good,” was his judgement on it.  Scriptures tell us that the created world speaks so clearly of the reality of God that even those who have never heard the name of Christ can be judged because of the truth that it proclaims.

Today we are very privileged to live in a time when people who do not even know our savior are dedicating all the days of their lives to studying the work of His hands.  What have they…

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