“Dear Aunty, is the BBC clip of a bauer coupling at the IGas drilling site indicative of poor controls?”

Calming down some typical inaccurate fractivist scaremongering

Aunty Frackers blog

No, sweeties, it’s not.

Although, based on the excitement it’s caused amongst anti-fracking activists, you could be forgiven for thinking that the image of a bauer coupling – with what appears to be gaffer tape helping to keep it together – is a sign that onshore drilling activities are poorly managed.

Anyone who actually bothered to look at the image closely will see that a blue valve is also visible, and it’s in the closed position. So, regardless of how secure the coupling may or may not have been at that exact moment in time, dears, there was no risk of any material escaping from the tank because the valve was isolated.

But what if it had failed? What if that coupling came loose when the valve was in the open position, wouldn’t that increase the risk of a spill?

Well, yes, of course it would. But an increased risk…

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