HEMIGAMY ; aka “living together”

I have just coined a new word for the 2015 Oxford English Dictionary ;

It is ;


which means “living together” or in the bad old days “living in sin”, co-habiting or whatever word one uses.

Like all good words it has strong classical roots and comes straight from the Greek word  ἡμίγαμος, ον (hēmigamos)

which means “half-married,” and originally had the connotation of  a concubine.

I am sure that this new word should gain great usage as it is a classically rooted word for a recent societal practice. It should be used as an alternative status to single, married, diverced, in civil partnership.

Finally it has an air od classical respectability about.

We can also ask people if the are “hemigamous”.



Acknowledgements to the twitter account of Henry George Liddell @LiddellAndScott ,which is a wonderful feed on Greek words alluding to the ultimate Greek Lexicon of Liddell and Scott. I am afraid my Greek is confined to the koine or pidgin Greek of the New Testament


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