Santa Claus, Creationism, and our not-so-narratival culture

It ain’t literally so

Age of Rocks

Dear Parents,

Only 11 months remain before Santa Claus returns to malls and televisions across America, and you will once more be faced with a familiar dilemma: “What do I teach my child about this invasive holiday species?” Does Santa know if I’ve been bad or good, and is he really coming to town? Or is he just a story? This year marks the first that I was personally drawn to the quintessential photo with Santa, given the recent arrival of our baby girl, so it got me thinking about how American society in particular deals with cultural narrative.

Growing up, my skeptical mind would not rest around Christmas. My heart would not allow that those wiser than I could perpetuate a lie, and so I would not give in to the handful of friends casting doubt on the Great Giver in the sky. Instead, I put the idea to the test to prove them wrong. For example, I would give my…

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2 thoughts on “Santa Claus, Creationism, and our not-so-narratival culture

    1. michaelroberts4004 Post author

      The Judges were worse. I see Judges as the Taliban/Isis phase of the Old Testament. There was a great shift in the Prophets eg Isaiah. Until fundies came along the New Testament always trumped the Old!!



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