Visit Blackpool-under-the-Sea. Mike Hill’s seaside dystopia

Stop Press; 31/1/15 I have just heard that Mr Hill is standing for parliament. I hope his constituency remains above sea level, unlike the Bishop of Dunwich’s patch.

Blackpool is an iconic English seaside resort, and for the benefit of Americans is our equivalent of Myrtle Beach. I enjoy cycling along the promenade. As a town it is one of the most derived in the UK, with high unemployment and other social issues. Blackpool is crying out for new employment but sadly some are trying to thwart fracking in this area.

Blackpool could be the first place where Britain is fracked and Lancashire County Council were to decide at he end of January 2015, but it has been delayed until April.

Needless to say anti-frackers have been active in the area, or some would say fractivists or frackwits. One has technical skill – Mr Mike Hill MIET C.Eng from Lytham St Annes who has been connected the oil and gas industry. I would suggest that many of the presentations at the council next week will have looked to Mr Hill for advice. Contrary to everyone else he claims that only one of the 10 recommendations put forward by the RS/RAE report of 2012  has been implemented. A clear case of strangulating at birth by regulation! his take is here It does seem he has persuaded many of the Fylde on this, including M.P.s.

However when he strays onto my home turf, or rather my basement rocks, I begin to have a few Doubts. I don’t think it gneiss and I tend to get seismic. When I read on the RAFF (Residents against Fracking:Fylde) Website that he reckons that the Fylde could suffer subsidence if fracking takes place and drop below sea-level, my face gets super-glued to my palms.

This is one of the most face-palming arguments I know as there is no way 8inch holes 8000ft below surface could cause even a micron of subsidence. After all in London the underground has not cause subsidence. It is frankly the most stupid argument put forward by fractivists against fracking. That is quite an achievement, but only comparable to those who suggested, according to Mike Stephenson that fracking could cause a volcano to erupt in Blackpool.

What baffles me is that Mike Hill is advisor to RAFF and has been for several years and thus if this is not a true report he would and should have made RAFF remove these wacky statements about him:.

Another huge cause for concern is the likely increase in subsidence due to shale gas extraction. Again, this issue has been raised by Mike Hill, who visited the BGS (British Geological Survey) in Keyworth (Nottingham) this week, at the request of Prof. Mike Stephenson, to discuss the compaction of the shales post fracking and compressibility equations. The conclusion Mike and a colleague have come to is that the Fylde coast is at risk of sinking below sea level.

According to Mike Hill, the only way to prove or disprove the subsidence theory is to do tests  on the Bowland shales in the labs at the BGS.  The problem is that the BGS’s  priorities are set by the government and this is not a priority, so it has not and will not be done.m




Anyway here is a video from Mike Stephenson himself, who has recently been appointed to be in charge of monitoring the Fylde during fracking operations – good old BGS.

Hill under water

And more from Prof Mike



Anyhow, enjoy all this and I apologise for any pain you feel if you have a few cracked ribs.

I could not have made this up

More on the prospective MP

In his recent Press Information 6th February he very humbly claims over regulations “Mike is of the very clear understanding that regulations and monitoring relating to fracking are totally inadequate as it is he himself who has written the papers that have been used to identify this huge flaw.’

I suppose he must be right and everyone else wrong. Just as he is right on the potential subsidence of the Fylde Coast.


Click to access MH_press_release.pdf


4 thoughts on “Visit Blackpool-under-the-Sea. Mike Hill’s seaside dystopia

  1. Paul Braterman

    Lunacy. And when I’ve tried rational argument about this on social websites, I get insulted and reviled and no support. when I posted the link to the Royal Society report, , my self-appointed main antagonist (who says he’s a physicist) said he wasn’t gong to read a report commissioned by the industry.

    And Alvin Plantinga thinks that the excellence of our minds is proof of divine creation.


    1. michaelroberts4004 Post author

      This is the level of frackwit argument here in Lancashire. Anyone who doesn’t agree with these frackwits is called a shill, paid by Cuadrilla. dishonest etc etc.

      As well as being stupid these frackwits have divided communities and caused bad relationships.

      BTW I am no fan of Plantinga


      1. Paul Braterman

        I never imagined you would be! To me it seems obvious that the human mind, like the human eye, is the usual assembly of evolutionary accidents and compromises. After all, either we or the frackwits and creationists have come to completely erroneous conclusions with access to the same data, proving the mind to be an unreliable tool for dealing with impersonal complexities. This has unfortunate implications for those arguing against irrational beliefs, especially when (as in the case of opposition to fracking, or to evolution) the belief has become a badge of group membership.

        Plantinga’s argument about the mind hinges on the claim that a collection of completely false notions would be as useful for survival as our actual ability to discern reality. No doubt there are some environments, such as the philosophy Department of an American university, where this is true, but the Pleistocene African Savannah was not one of them.


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