Reining in creationists; South Lanarkshire, repenting past mistakes, leads the way

Problems caused by creationists in schoools

Primate's Progress

Reblogged from the Scottish Secular Society blog here and here. Readers may remember how in Kirktonholme Primary, pupils were handed out “textbooks” saying that the Earth was 6000 years old, old Earth geology a trick by atheists, dinosaur graveyards the result of Noah’s flood, and that humans may well have used dinosaurs as beasts of burden. In the resultant furore, the head teachers were removed from post, and South Lanarkshire set about formulating rules regulating chaplains and other non-teachers in schools. These rules were published on Tuesday, and what follows are comments from the Scottish Secular Society, which more than any other body was responsible for exposing the abuses:

In 2013, the Scottish Secular Society were alerted by a member that a chaplaincy team at a school in East Kilbride had seemingly sent very young children home…

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