“Dear Aunty, have you really had a change of heart about the F-word?”

Aunty Frackers blog

Well, yes, I have to admit that I have dears. It seems that I have completely overlooked the many dangers.

Let me tell you what I have discovered about this industry, that makes it such a great threat to our way of life.

Land grab

This industry will continue to consume vast tracts of our countryside, with ramshackle roads built to accommodate it’s heavy machinery cross-crossing fields. On average, around 33% of available land is sacrificed to it worldwide.

Heavy goods vehicles on our rural roads

Getting materials to and from the various sites that support this industry requires vast numbers of road tanker and other HGV journeys on our little rural roads, flowerpots. On top of this, there is the machinery and equipment that’s needed to make the industry function.

Methane emissions [1]

A potent greenhouse gas, albeit with a shorter lifespan in the atmosphere than CO2, this industry…

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