Was Charles Darwin a Christian?

Peddling and Scaling God and Darwin


Was Darwin a Christian?

Bluntly; “Yes” and “No”.  Some think he was the most wonderful person to be born in Shrewsbury and others the Devil incarnate who strove to destroy Christianity. In answering this question we should note Oscar Wilde’s adage, “to every complex question there’s a simple answer and that’s wrong.” So where do we go?

It is best to consider his religious views at different times of his life. Darwin was born into a sceptical household in 1809. His father was not a Christian but had Charles baptised an Anglican, sent him first to a Unitarian school and then to an Anglican one – Shrewsbury school


The Mount, Shrewsbury

. His sisters were more devout and wrote him letters as a teenager, suggesting he should read the bible and become more spiritual. Having left medical school in Edinburgh he went to Cambridge to study for the Anglican ministry…

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