A fracking lie. No more no less

Here’s the latest picture doing the rounds to show earthquake damage done by fracking


Or more clearly ;


Now this looks very scary  and will make people concerned that will cause quakes in their area. However twitter sleuth aka sadbutmadlad took on the roll of Sherlock Holmes and soon found that this terrible shot had nothing to do with fracking and was in fact caused by a 7.5 quake near Yellowstone in 1959 which is somewhat before modern fracking started

You can read it all about it here ; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1959_Hebgen_Lake_earthquake

Oh deary me, pants on fire

Featured Image -- 1005

It does seem to me that fractivists wear very Hot Pants and possibly the fire is fuelled by CH4.

If this was a one-off it would be forgiveable, but porkies like this are the staple fare of so much anti-fracking literature put out whether in print or in the aether.

It seems that this article http://www.theage.com.au/world/how-earthquakes-linked-to-fracking-are-fracturing-an-oklahoma-community-20150227-13p7ss.touch.html used the picture. However the article did point out that the quakes in Oklahoma were not due to fracking but wastewater injection, which is banned in the UK. Quakes due to waste water injection have occurred in the USA since the 80s and Dr Rob Wesson of the USGS wrote several papers on this in the early 90s.

Here is a picture of a typical fractivist author before his nose was fully grown.


For comments please add more examples of fracking lies.

Meanwhile, when fracking starts I will report all the damage done by Magnitude o.5 quakes and see how they compare to this.




2 thoughts on “A fracking lie. No more no less

  1. Ross Hart

    Michael, here is a photo/article regarding an environmental group here in the States that actually used a photo of a flooded rig in Pakistan and claimed it was a flooded well site in Pennsylvania! http://lonelyconservative.com/2011/09/safety-of-marcullus-shale-drilling-proven-during-historic-flooding/
    I’m certainly not surprised at all by the deceit/misinformation that accompanies the anti-drilling activists in the UK, I’ve been witnessing the same myself for the last 6 years here in the States!
    I’ve now a decade in the industry (I’m a driller and have drilled in 6 of the 50 states for everything from coal seam gas to tight sands gas and now horizontal shale drilling for oil/gas). The crap I’ve seen blamed on ‘fracking’ could fill volumes! My personal fav- following just the DRILLING of a well here, an activist alleging that ‘fracking’ had detrimentally affected her cellular signal!
    I admire your efforts to bring some sanity and SCIENCE to the debate in the UK, having been in the same position myself, here in the heart of the Marcellus Shale!
    Best of luck ‘fighting the good fight’ and should you have any questions regarding technical aspects of the shale drilling here in the states, as well as what it’s like living in the middle of one of the worlds most productive gas fields-shoot me an email!
    God bless,
    Ross Hart


  2. Paul Braterman

    Reblogged this on Eat Your Brains Out; Exploring Science, Exposing Creationism and commented:
    By my geologist friend Michael Roberts.
    I don’t like ti when creationists tell lies and I don’t like it when anti-frackers tell lies, either.
    My own view, for what it’s worth, is that the Royal Society probably know what they’re talking about when recommending that the UK proceed, but with tighter regulation than that currently at force in the US; that if more methane means less coal that’s a good thing (coal has twice the carbon footprint per unit of energy, as well as a whole shopping list of other disadvantages)



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