Scaring kiddies to death


This is one of the nastiest tweets I have seen on twitter. It was tweeted by  (Ireland)and  @norrthlancsgreen – the Lancaster Constituency Green Party. It is extremely local to me and I cycled past the school last week.


In fact it came form a local fractivist group


To put in terms of space, Weeton School is one of Blackburn Diocese’s schools on the Fylde in Lancashire. It is 1.75 km crowflies from the New Preston Road site of Caudrilla and –  um – er – um-  150 yards from the M55, from which they must be getting loads of VOCs and carcinogens.

This type of thing scares people who don’t realise it is a lie. Think of mums who have it re-tweeted to them. To many if they see the word “chemical” they think of poisons. Whereas what will be flared is methane – the same gas uses in gas stoves and ovens which produces CO2 and water when burnt. I have never heard of any killed by methane burning on a stove (assuming there is enough air for proper combustion – if not Carbon monoxide is produced and that is lethal in large doses. for the record I had CO poisoning in a mine and it was an agonising experience.) The actual effects of flaring are minimal, or should I say zero unless you are standing right by it, when it’s less than minimal.

They are worried about “The children will receive full chemical exposure when there is a south-westerly wind during flaring. ” That is so risible as methane combusts to CO2 and water and they will probably inhale more CO2 exhaled by the farmers’ cows, not to mention all the nasties from the M55.

However it is all put better than I ever could here by the wonderful people of  OESG

who also produce a series of fact sheets on fracking

It is difficult to express one’s indignation at such blatant lies and scaremongering which are clearly designed to upset people which live nearby. This has been the policy of local fractivist groups who with the superficially clever arguments have conned some of the local population and also kidded the local churches – put on the web here

Having cycled past the school a few miles further , a mile from the projected drill site I saw these equally untruthful and scaremongering posters.



I know who put these up and am sure that he was deceived into believing all these fracking lies are true and feel sorry for him. I do not feel sorry for those who conned him.

It does not say much fro the local Green Party for their retweet but it was they who got me to research fracking in the first place when I found porkies on earthquakes on a local election leaflet posted through my letter box.

Anyway this is a short and very angry blog and perhaps I should have preached on John chap 2 vs 13-22 yesterday


And lastly, here is what Annas Raod fracking site looks like after Cuadrilla restored it. you see – farmland destroyed forever – NOT.



3 thoughts on “Scaring kiddies to death

  1. Paul Braterman

    I was thinking of putting the link to this on the Bella Caledonia FB page. Then it occurred to me that some of the people there would copy the scariest images as evidence that we should, indeed, be scared.

    The English Greens and the Scottish Greens are different parties. Otherwise I would be writing to my Green regional MSP, for whom I have considerable respect, asking him to dissociate himself from this nonsense.



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