Green Party: Christians welcome, but only if you ignore your faith

Green Party: Christians welcome, but only if you ignore your faith.

Green Christians be warned!!!


4 thoughts on “Green Party: Christians welcome, but only if you ignore your faith

  1. Paul Braterman


    When the anti-frackers use an inflammatory piece of photoshopping to misrepresent their opponents, you are the first to complain. And you should be complaining against this piece too, for the same reason.

    And “Archbishop Cranmer” is wrong to suggest that, for example, opposition to Faith schools is opposition to faith. And even if it were the case that Green policies are such that no Christian could support them, and even if he had the right to speak for them on this, this would still not be the same as saying that it is faith itself to which the Greens object. I am surprised that you are using your admirable platform to promote such a shoddy piece of innuendo.

    (BTW, I don’t like the English Greens either)


  2. michaelroberts4004 Post author

    I don’t think the blog said that Greens have “opposition to faith”, However they clearly oppose faith schools and would not allow churches to run them – in their own words

    “ED176 No publicly-funded school shall be run by a religious organisation. Schools may teach about religions, comparing examples which originated in each continent, but are prohibited from delivering religious instruction in any form or encouraging adherence to any particular religious belief.

    ED177 Privately-funded schools run by religious organisations must reflect the inclusive nature of British society and become part of the Local Authority admissions system. This non-discriminatory approach will be extended to staff who must not be discriminated against in faith schools due to their own faith either in seeking employment or during employment.”


    1. Paul Braterman

      “But only if you ignore your faith”. No. It is perfectly possible to be opposed to faith schools as they are or are likely to be, and yet to be guided by Christian faith on public issues, including this one; we both know people to whom this description applies.



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