Use only Frack-Free Electricity! 100% pure

Taurus Frack-Free Electricals (Taffees) are proud to announce their new range of frack-free equipment for domestic use.

Following on from the success of their Frack-free Filter for gas launched on Ist April 2014, ( ) we are pleased to announce our Tauroskata range of electrical switches to ensure that only electricity produced from green sources can be used in your house. We absolutely guarantee that the electricity which you will use in your house will be 100% the same as produced by green generators, whether wind turbines, solar or biomass.



We are able to offer a wide range of switches from the basic Micro Tauroskata to the ultimate Megala Tauroskata. Prices go from £39.99 to £249.99 plus installation.

Set your green hearts at rest and never again use electricity generated from dirty fossil-fuels.


Remember that Gas IS worse than Coal

Only renewables will do


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