St Paul and the meteorite?


Dateline: Chelyabinsk, Russia 09.20 15 February 2013. As in many parts of Russia drivers in this Oblast in the Urals Economic District use an in-car camera during rush hour, hopefully to have proof of innocence in the event of a traffic accident. On this day, such cameras recorded a massive fireball streaking low across a clear, frosty sky. Some people on foot were temporarily blinded by its light, about 4 times that sunlight, and others were thrown off their feet by a large shock wave. Travelling at about 20 km s-1 the fireball exploded, the blast shattering windows where people were gazing at the remarkable sight, about 1500 needing medical treatment. This event is the first in modern times to record the atmospheric entry of a superbolide and air blast, probably similar to what happened in the deserted area of Tunguska in Siberia on 30 June 1908.

Meteor trail and fireball seen over industrial estate in Chelyabinsk, Russia (credit: Russia Today) Meteor trail and…

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