Fracking is child abuse

This ghastly tweet appeared on twitter yesterday from Frack Free Rydale


Rydale is in Yorkshire and an appliclation to frack has gone in today  (22/5/2015)

I hadn’t heard that fracking was CHILD ABUSE until then.

This must be one of the most OTT statements against fracking beating all the disinformation from Frack Off and all the local groups

What is has done is to take reports which claim that fracking MAY cause cancer and then extrapolate from this unsubstantiated possibility of possible cancer to an absolute certainty that all kiddies living near a fracking site will get cancer.

The badly argued reports which claim this are from CIEH in August 2014 , which has convinced many anti-frackers (and activists). Its shortcomings have been detailed by Dr James Verdon, a geophysicist form Bristol University (His blog is excellent on fracking).

In March 2015 Medact announced its report in London on Monday 30th March 2015  on the health effects of fracking . Its conclusions are very different to that of Public Health England (PHE) last year It has received much criticism already .

However these two reports actually say little and go no further that to say that possible chemicals from fracking MAY, not will, cause cancer and because of their particular perspective call fro a ban of fracking .

What Frack Free Ryedale has done is to go to an absolute extreme in scaremongering and claim that fracking WILL cause childhood cancers  and is thus child abuse.

This is blatant and designed to terrify the good folk of Ryedale.

Let’s hope that all who do with the application at Ryedale see through Frack Free Ryedale and their scaremongering.


Sadly this is just an extreme version of the scaremongering which so many fractivists go in for.





2 thoughts on “Fracking is child abuse

  1. michaelroberts4004 Post author

    CIEH is the Chartered Inst of Environmental Health who got radical scientists to do a report on fracking last year. MedAct are a group of “leftie” medics who write from an anti-fracking perspective



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