Terry Mortenson concedes: ‘Stone Age’ tools are a problem for YEC

Is this Mortenson’s first steps to a sane position? One more like this and he wont be able to save his bacon from Ken Ham

Age of Rocks

Answers in Genesis generally does well not to acknowledge its best critics, because doing so exposes their audience to the fact that theirs is a ministry rooted in pseudoscience, which is ultimately damaging to the cause of Christ. If we abhor the truth as it pertains to the natural world, how are we to persuade anyone that we hold the keys to God’s kingdom?

When AiG does respond, typically it is prefaced with caveats highlighting the ‘naturalistic’, ‘atheistic’, or ‘evolutionary’ assumptions that motivate their attackers. This strategy is effective in dismissing those like Richard Dawkins, who are not shy about such convictions, or Bill Nye, who—though less antagonistic—is still not a confessing Christian. However, as Terry Mortenson demonstrated yesterday, AiG cannot entirely ignore pleas from within the church, despite that it simultaneously informs their readers that most Christians—especially those holding advanced degrees in theology or the natural sciences—also describe creationist’s efforts as bad…

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5 thoughts on “Terry Mortenson concedes: ‘Stone Age’ tools are a problem for YEC

  1. Paul Braterman

    Lava flows across Antrim? Blame Noah’s Flood. Palaeosols in between them? Blame Noah’s Flood. Moving continents? Obviously the result of Noah’s Flood. All those poor extinct dinosaurs (the ones that weren’t later exterminated by Nimrod the Mighty Hunter) – drowned in Noah’s Flood. And radiometric dates proving, by any sane standard, an ancient Earth? You guessed it; they don’t take account of the radiation associated with Noah’s Flood.

    And now, with breathtaking disdain for reality, a Creationist explanation for the Palaeolithic toolmaker’s rubble that covers so much of Africa (but nowhere else). All produced by colliding rocks, during Noah’s Flood.

    Wait a bit and we’ll be told that cratering on the Moon, Mars, and Mercury is somehow caused by Noah’s Flood. Come to think of it, we don’t even need to wait. There’s one school of Creationist thought, if you’ll forgive the oxymoron, that says this already, the one behind Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm.


  2. Ashley Haworth-roberts

    I shall enjoy reading these, later this evening, I suspect. BTW I emailed Joel Duff to check he had seen the Mortenson piece and the Baker response. He has. I hope he does not mind me quoting part of his reply: “Age of Rocks has written a great response saving my having to say anything”.


  3. Ashley Haworth-roberts

    Having now looked more closely and also just managed successfully to add my comment to the AgeofRocks post after technical problems, I don’t think Mortenson (or Snelling) have ‘conceded’ ANYTHING and thus Ken Ham will be highly pleased with them and I suspect their positions there as peddlers of ‘Biblical’ pseudo-science are entirely secure for the foreseeable future (the one slip-up was to bother to try and refute NaturalisHistoria but no doubt AiG supporters will lap up the ‘rebuttal’ not least because in the words of Mortenson, music to their ears, “Young-earth creationism is clearly taught in God’s inspired, inerrant Word, the Bible” (the Bible does NOT teach ‘clearly’ about the age of the Earth though the genealogies would suggest a young creation).



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