Baptising a doll! A Baptism service all can understand!!

One of the problems of Church of England worship is that most churches use the prayer book Complicated Worship ooops, sorry, Common Worship, which was published in 2000. It is often said you need a doctorate in liturgy either to understand or use it. To illustrate what I mean, in the old1662 Book of Common Prayer, which some reckon is beyond comprehension, there are only about four different variants one can use on a given Sunday. In the Alternative Service Book (ASB) published in 1980 I gave up calculating when I got to a few million.. Now for the recent Complicated Worship I did a rough calculations of possible variants and came to 6.595,459,254,000 different ways a priest to celebrate on a given sunday! One of the results is that worship can get very complicated and difficult to follow. That is often combined with a priestly desire to include as many different things in worship as possible. It can get even less understandable that the “hocus pocus” of the medieaval Latin mass.

Well, tomorrow after the General Synod have sorted out Climate Change  (and hopefully put the Church’s Green Blob to flight) they will be discussing Baptism services, as many find the present one to complicated, especially for those with no contact with the church. Hopefully they will produce something simpler.

My wife, also a priest, has produced what is needed!!!! She was asked to do the mock baptism of a doll for an infant class in our church school so produced a service for it.  (The kids named the doll as Sandra Cat Thomas!

Well, here it is ;



We say Hello

PRIEST            Grace, mercy and peace from God our Father and the Lord

Jesus Christ be with you.

ALL                  and also with you. 


The Bible tells us that Jesus was baptized in the River Jordan and the

Holy Spirit came upon him. After the first Easter the Bible tells us that Jesus

told his friends to go into all the world and tell everybody the Good News about

Him and to baptize everyone who wanted to become a Christian. We can

read in the Bible about how Peter and Jesus’s other friends did this.

Now today we are obeying the command of Jesus as we bring Sandra Cat to be


A question for everyone

PRIEST            As the family and friends of Sandra Cat, will you welcome

her and help her to live her life as a Christian.

ALL                  With the help of God we will. 

Questions for Parents and Godparents

PRIEST            Parents and Godparents, this is a happy day and we all hope

that Sandra Cat will grow to love Jesus more. Will you pray

for her, give her a good example and help her on her journey

as a Christian ?

ANSWER                 With the help of God we will

PRIEST            Today Sandra Cat begins her journey as a Christian. You speak

for her today. Will you care for her and help her to take her

place as a member of the church.

ANSWER                 With the help of God we will 

The Decision

PRIEST            Do you turn to Christ ?

ANSWER                 I turn to Christ

PRIEST            Do you say you are sorry for doing wrong ?

ANSWER         I am sorry for doing wrong

PRIEST            Do you hate evil ?

ANSWER                 I hate evil


Prayer over the Water

PRIEST            Heavenly Father, we thank you for the gift of water. Bless

this water, that Sandra Cat who is to be baptized in it may grow up to know

and love Jesus and to follow Him as a member of his church.

ALL         AMEN 

We all say what Christians believe

PRIEST            Do you believe in God the Father who made us and loves us ?

ALL                  I believe and trust in him.

PRIEST            Do you believe in Jesus Christ who died and rose again ?

ALL                  I believe and trust in him.

PRIEST            Do you believe in the Holy Spirit who helps us live as Christians ?

ALL                  I believe and trust in him.

PRIEST            This is the faith of the Church.

ALL                  This is our faith. We believe and trust in God, Father, Son and

                          Holy Spirit.


PRIEST            Sandra Cat, I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of

the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

ALL                  AMEN

The signing with the Cross (our Christian badge)

PRIEST            Sandra Cat, Christ claims you as his own, receive the

sign of the Cross. Do not be ashamed to tell people you are

Jesus’s friend.

ALL                  Follow Jesus all your life and live as He wants you to. 

The giving of a candle

PRIEST            Jesus said “I am the Light of the world” and he wants us all to

Shine with this light all the days of our life.

ALL                  Sandra Cat shine as a light in the world for Jesus

The Welcome

PRIEST            Sandra Cat, there is one Lord, one Faith, one Baptism and

we are all members of God’s family.

ALL                  Sandra Cat we are all children of God and we welcome you

As a member of his family, we welcome you.


Father God, bless all those who care for Sandra Cat. May they love her and

care for her and keep her safe from harm. May they give her a good example

of how to follow Jesus day by day.

ALL Amen 

Father God, help us all to keep the promises that we have made to follow Jesus

May we always try to live your way and shine as lights for Jesus even when

its hard.

ALL Amen 

The Blessing

May the Lord bless you and take care of you.

Wherever you go may God the Father be with you.

Wherever you go may God the Son be with you.

Wherever you go may God the Spirit be with you.

May God’s Light always shine on you.

May you live in peace




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