Fracking awful living conditions


Last week after leading a course in Snowdonia, when I had the great opportunity of taking young biologists from all over the world to see where Charles Darwin carried his early biology069

and geology. We thus went to Cwm Idwal and got thoroughly soaked, One Indian asked is this was our monsoon so we replied that it was normal and added it was an exceptionally bad day!

The next day I had hoped to go up the Berwyn mountains  on my return to the desolate north Lancasshire, but did not want to risk another soaking, so I looked at some fracking defenders sites. 094

And so having past through the coal-mining blighted villages of Chirk and Rhosllanerchrugog I turned off the road at Wrexham to see how the protectors were living in the lap of luxury at Borras. I passed  a quarry, which could be the Brockholes of the future. Going down a lane I found a gate leading into a field with an usual array of No Entry signs. Opposite was this camp constructed from old pallets, and the odd caravan and tent.089

On go closer there were all the usual signs.




And some brand new pallets.






And a reminder what a small group of people can do!





And so I moved on to junction 21 on the M6.


I was greeted with the usual warnings and bespoke architecture along with some serious theology.


Here’s what the didn’t like and a trusted fossil-fuel guzzling VW campervan, which must run of frack-free petrol


And so I drove off thinking of my human rights


As I left the M6 and M55 north of Preston I went to another protest site, complete with very green solar panels………..

008 010


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