Why the ‘Biblical’ Ice Age is a Creationist Myth

Exposee of more nonsense from creationists. This time on the Ice Ages which have last 2 million years

Age of Rocks

About two years ago, my wife and I switched to a memory-foam mattress, and we couldn’t be happier. Everything claimed by the late-night advertisements is true. The mattress subtly conforms to the shape of your body, removing pressure points, so that you feel as though you were sleeping on air.

Now, here’s the fun part: as soon as you get off the mattress, it slowly rebounds to the original shape. In fact, when the mattress is first shipped to you, it’s compressed to about the size of a sleeping bag. Once you remove the packaging, however, and break the vacuum seal, the mattress automatically expands to full size in less than an hour.

In geology, we find the same phenomenon. The Earth itself has something of a characteristic shape (not a perfect sphere), determined by how the underlying crust varies in thickness, composition, and density. But this shape can temporarily deform, either by adding mass to…

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2 thoughts on “Why the ‘Biblical’ Ice Age is a Creationist Myth

  1. Paul Braterman

    Young Earth creationism should not be able to survive seeing a photo of Siccar point. But the determined Young Earth creationist will remain unconvinced by this here, well reasoned as it is, or indeed by any other evidence.



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