Fracking is rape, say two theologians

So far few in in any church has made any adequate response to fracking. Most write as naïve watermelons and have no grasp of technicalities or even the energy issues in the world, coupled with a blind faith in renewables. However these two articles beat most for sheer naiveity.

First is Rev Dr Paula Clifford in the Church Times for 6th September 2013 where she claims;

That perception arises perhaps out of the sheer violence of a process where wells are drilled and toxins and chemicals are added to huge amounts of water to cause hydraulic fracturing, with its attendant risk of earth tremors and the need to dispose of large quantities of toxic waste water. There is much that is not right about this.

I think her doctorate is in English literature…..

The second is an American Lutheran Pastor the Rev Leah Schade from Pennsylvania, who is adamant that fracking is wrong an even claims;

If we were to imagine Earth as a human body, perhaps that of a woman, we can see how fracking is akin to “gang rape.”  She is beset by men who care nothing for her except to extract her inner essence and prostitute her body, stripping her of her “clothing” (trees and vegetation), mounting her, drilling into her depths, and exploding into her with their toxic fluid.  Her pain is experienced by all who had previously enjoyed the bounty of her clean water and pure air.  And long after the well dries up and the rapists leave the depleted body, her waters continue to burn with humiliating rage, her body shudders with quaking spasms, and her breath is befouled with toxic pollution.

P.S. As both of these are by women, I should add that my wife is an Anglican priest – and far too sensible to write such crap.

For balance here is an article by a male priest. Equally inaccurate


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