The climate case for shale gas

Good stuff from Stephen Tindal formerly of Greenpeace

Inside track

shale gasThis post is by climate and energy consultant Stephen Tindale. He blogs at

UK climate campaigners should support fracking for shale gas. Shale gas would enable the UK to reduce the burning of coal, and also the import of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

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2 thoughts on “The climate case for shale gas

  1. Jon Fuller

    There are 2 core reasons why I disagree.
    1. The climate crisis demands immediate, dynamic action to slash emissions. This is because we are already seeing the emergence of the positive feedbacks and climate change is already killing 400,000 people per annum (source: DARA International). Of this number 340,000 are infants under the age of 1 year, killed by the increased spread of disease in our rapidly warming world. We need to get out of fossil fuels immediately and put the atmosphere on a track to 350ppm CO2.
    2. We don’t need fossil fuels. A combination of renewables, energy storage and bio-fuels can get us to carbon neutrality by 2030. Recently Ecotricity has expanded its Green Gas facilities and says the method has the potential to meet 95% of all UK needs – saving us from both Fracking and foreign imports of gas.
    We can do this but too many vested interests are getting in the way.



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