Feeding Birds with Plastic Confetti. Yuk

One of the joys of my type of cycling, is that, I wander off for however many hours I have and explore rather than having a target of distance or speed. It is surprising what I find in odd little corners within 50 miles of home.

I have to admit I am not someone who gravitates to every church but at times I look at them and do enjoy having coffee from my flask in/on the the stocks at Woodplumpton!

Below are a selection of local churches.

First, two from the Dales. on the left is Clapham Church as I started a route on Ingleborough and on the right is the wonderful dent church, where Adam Sedgwick was brought up.DSCF3589 073

And now for several Lancashire churches; St Thomas’ Garstang, my home church, then St Ann’s Inskip, fronted by goldenrod; Whitechapel on the edge of the Bowland Fells and lastly St Eadmer’s Bleasdale in the heart of the fells.

1544 2493 718 1496

Many rural churches are surrounded by farmland, so imagine my horror when on one of my jaunts somewhere in the North West I found this outside a rural church.


As a geologist I put the 20p coin for scale to show the size of the many little PLASTIC champagne glasses all around.

How ghastly! PLASTIC confetti!!!

My first thought was that as it was in an agricultural area, stock could eat it and causing wondrous effects on their digestive systems.

On my return I found similar junk was available on e-bay;



Above is an illustration of the type of plastic available.

My initial thought of injury to stock was insufficient as the plastic is liable to be eaten by many birds as the illustrations below show.

bird plasticmidway-albatross-2-700x363

The amount of plastic eaten by the birds is horrific and this is repeated all round the world. One of these birds came from Midway in the Pacific.

The blasted PLASTIC confetti would have the same effect.

When working in a parish I always forbade plastic confetti and at Cockerham pointed out the paper confetti was OK but plastic was verboten on account of stock in the neighbouring field. (I especially enjoyed saying this, when I took the wedding of the niece of the farmer, as I said we did not want to upset the farmer!!  He gave me a cross between a glare and a grin!) I was not worried about paper confetti as that would simply blow away and being Cockerham would be gone in five minutes as the wind never stopped blowing. At present at Woodplumpton church I simply say that the custom of the church is that no confetti is allowed.

I hope all have enjoyed my little rant and that all who care of the welfare of animals seek to ban this ghastly stuff.

P.S. I have not, and will not,  identify the church, but ironically the vicar would be considered far more green than I, as I cannot pronounce many green shibboleths 😦


One thought on “Feeding Birds with Plastic Confetti. Yuk

  1. Paul Braterman

    I have read that the protection of birds, rather than the minor saving in petrochemicals, is behind the movement to cut back on plastic bags. No doubt you’ve spoken to the vicar. However, I’m not sure you were wise to advertise the ebay site, though you might sed a message to them too.



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