West Newton B Protestors – You’re FIRED!

This seems to be a stroppy anti-fracking blog, but prone to lawbreaking as the activists

Exposing the Anti-Fracking Movement

Would no doubt be Sir Alan Sugar’s position if West Newton B protestors were appearing on his show!

Over the August bank holiday weekend, a group of radicals and vulnerable adults made their way down to a field near Sproately, East Yorkshire. They began to set up camp on property they had no right to. Ms Sarah Hockey then told the farmer that if, in his eyes, he felt they were trespassing then he would have to go to the courts to remove them. A lengthy and costly procedure. She repeatedly claimed that they were ‘peaceful’ protestors as though that somehow made what they were doing ok! (Apparently using threatening and intimidatory behaviour whilst ignoring other peoples rights and trying to stamp all over them in a bid to make yourself feel like you have some power is ok, because it’s ‘peaceful’…..)

Her precarious and ill-thought out position was soon…

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