Occult Trend Now Mainstream at WholeFoods: Biodynamic Farming”

Whole Foods is an American healthy food chain. Much of their food is good, but many of their ideas are simply wacky, showing the daftness and anti-science of the liberal progressive. Enjoy or not

All Things are Yours


I am all about eating healthy and organic food, and I shop fairly frequently at my local Whole Foods market.   About a year ago, I had a slight chuckle and concern as I noticed a jar of some sort of sauce being sold that said on its side, proudly, “Certified Biodynamic.”   I told my friend who was shopping with me, “Check it out – biodynamic!   Doesn’t that sound all healthy and scientific?   But do you know what it really is about?”   My friend nodded no, and waited for the punchline.  Normally organic food doesn’t have a “punchline” but this one does:  the crux of biodynamic farming is: “Faeries and Gnomes.”

Really??  Huh??  Yeah – a few years back, a Christian friend introduced me to another Christian friend who had a farm in Colorado.  As we sat and talked about their farm, they started explaining to…

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