Evolution and creationism; a valuable new resource

Another good article on creationism from my non-theistic friend. Read carefully

Primate's Progress

The Science Meets Religion website, by the information scientist David Bailey, has a Q&A page that addresses the most common and most plausible scientific objections raised by creationists to the science of evolution. Twenty-six specific questions are chosen, and answered in a series of brief essays on such topics as complexity, information theory, radiometric dating, fossils, speciation, and thermodynamics. For each of these, Bailey gives a straightforward statement of the creationist arguments, and then succinctly lays out the evidence for the contrary viewpoint. The rebuttals of creationism are all the more crushing for being written with judicial dispassion.

HumanEvolution Our family tree, since we parted company with other chimpanzees

The style is accessible enough for a high school student to read with enjoyment, but the scholarship behind it is impressive. For example, the discussion of alleged missing links between humans and non-human apes gives fourteen separate references to discoveries in…

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5 thoughts on “Evolution and creationism; a valuable new resource

      1. Lonnie E. Schubert

        Thanks, I will try. Still, there is much value in politeness.
        I reblogged from Paul’s site, and he has taken issue with my climate skepticism. I suppose you do too, but I would like to point out that comparing global warming alarmism to young-earth creationism, one quickly finds the alarmist equate to the young-earthers.
        Check it. Compare. You will see it too. The dogmatic fanaticism in climatology is with the alarmists, not the skeptics.
        For me, the bottom line rests in the gross and obvious harm that any implementation of the proposed global-warming cure causes and will cause. Limiting instances to reality, the purported worst-case scenarios from the alarmists will never cause as much suffering and death as caused by trying to end all burning. People suffer today from lack of fuel, lack of fracked gas, lack of coal or nuclear fired electricity.
        Well, I’m off topic, so I close. Again, I appreciate you.


      2. michaelroberts4004 Post author

        I regard Climate Change as a serious issue which needs addressing. To the McKibbins of the world I am as bad as the Koch brothers as I see fracking as a major part of the solution. I suppose this would give each of us grounds for blocking each other on twitter 🙂 However I prefer to listen and understand all viewpoints.


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