Jesus wasn’t born in a stable

use this and you will have fun with reactions from some Christians. Trouble is, Jesus was NOT born in a stable. I even had a long letter from a solicitor complaining about my shaky Christianity after I came out with similar views one Christmas

I am sorry to spoil your preparations for Christmas before the Christmas lights have even gone up—though perhaps it is better to do this now than the week before Christmas, when everything has been carefully prepared. But Jesus wasn’t born in a stable, and, curiously, the New Testament hardly e

Source: Jesus wasn’t born in a stable


2 thoughts on “Jesus wasn’t born in a stable

  1. Paul Braterman

    Presumably many Christians would agree with me that the Massacre of the Innocents didn’t happen either (if it did, surely we would know about it from some other source), but was grafted onto the narrative in order to drag in the reference to Rachel weeping for her children.

    A verse that clearly refers to the Babylonian exile, but such forced reinterpretations were, I think, common in the rabbinical literature of the time.



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