Are all anti-frackers as nutty as this?

Anyone who has read my blogs on fracking will know that I  (often with Ken) explode the inaccurate nonsense of the anti-frack brigade whether holy or not.

I have considered the nuttiness of Mike Hill with Fylde disappearing below sea-level, Friends of the Earth suggesting companies want to frack the Lake District and saying that silica i.e . sand will give you cancer. (That’s only true in extreme cases.)

However the nuttiest must be Ian Crane who is regularly invited by anti-fracking groups as an expert. He was welcome in Yorkshire for a start, and was invited by Fact Free Ryedale. Yet he believes in chemtrails and loads of conspiracy theories.

However this video takes the biscuit, not so much for nuttiness, but bizarre offensiveness, as he claims the recent Paris bombings were staged – as were the Charlie Hebdo murders.

Be prepared to face-palm as you have never done before.

You can ask yourself what the mental state and morality of anti-frackers must be if they welcome the type of stuff this guy pukes up.

Don’t enjoy.






One thought on “Are all anti-frackers as nutty as this?

  1. Ashley Haworth-roberts

    The writer of an article in the latest edition of Nature’s Home (the magazine of the RSPB) wrote the following comment which made me think he was slightly having a go at the luddites who needlessly scare-monger over fracking, GM crops and nuclear power etc: “Where others protest with hot air, the RSPB arms itself with facts”. The writer – a Ben Macdonald who is a ‘conservation columnist’ and author – also made the point that the RSPB is both a lobby group AND a scientific research organisation (and it tries to take a balanced scientific approach when lobbying or indeed managing its nature reserves).



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