Dinosaurs and Humans Living Together? The LSDYEC Apologetic of Ken Ham

An excellent account of the creationist nonsense of Ken Ham. It is unbelievable that anyone could put out this stuff. I would suggest that any clergy or potential clergy holding such tripe should be barred from office. I wonder how many priests in the Church of England would have to go!!

Naturalis Historia

Recently I was reminded of just what an important role dinosaurs play in forming the public, and especially kids, perception of the age of the Earth.  Over the past two months I had the opportunity to attend two talks about dinosaurs both of which were aimed specifically at kids.  The first was a talk by Dr. Jack Horner of Jurassic Park fame but more importantly a researcher who has discovered and named many species of dinosaurs from the western US.    The second was by Ryan Osborne of Answers in Genesis (AiG) the most prominent proponent of Literal Six-Day Young-Earth Creationism (LSDYEC – a shout out to Dr. William Evans for the longer but more accurate acronym).  The latter talk was part of a larger AiG conference which I attended including the sessions for school-age kids.   In the future I will have more to say about the conference including contrasting the…

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2 thoughts on “Dinosaurs and Humans Living Together? The LSDYEC Apologetic of Ken Ham

  1. Ashley Haworth-roberts

    I attempted to submit this comment under that Naturalis Historia blog – but something appears to have gone wrong as it failed to appear on the site (just now at least ie it was not even shown as ‘awaiting moderation’) and instead it VANISHED off my computer screen:

    “That quote of Snelling’s that you provide is very revealing – for him the ‘truth’ (about dinosaurs) is the conclusion you reach from ultra-literalism when assessing Bible texts notably Genesis, and NOT the reality that has been revealed by the investigative scientific method that has revealed NO evidence for human-dinosaur co-existence (for such zealot Christians who detest the findings of science that reality must be RUBBISHED in favour of the alternative and infallibly true ‘biblical worldview’ – and it starts with rubbishing it to KIDS).
    As for Osborne, Bible verses are not scientific evidence (besides the Bible never refers to any giant land animals being created) and a few ancient drawings and legends whilst interesting are scarcely proof of ‘recent dinosaur extinction’. The slide image, and how Osborne reportedly made use of it, is very interesting (AiG claim to abhor ‘brainwashing’). Also, Richard Owen (a creationist and scientist) who coined the term dinosaur, meaning ‘terrible lizard’, was responding NOT to paintings or to St George legends but to FOSSILS that could not be identified as creatures known to be alive and co-existent with him and his peers.
    If dinosaurs lived in different ‘ecological zones’ but during our species’ presence on the planet, a pair of dinosaurs still apparently ‘came to’ Noah in order to board his ark (Genesis 7).”



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