Why buying local food may not be the best for the environment.

That seems totally wrong.  OF COURSE it is better to buy food locally and in my diocese for a church to get eco-congregation status, they must commit themselves to the LOAF principle; – Local, Organic, Animal friendly and Free trade. I totally agree with the third, but so often find Free Trade stuff is poor quality (I found that as it started over 30 years ago). Going Organic simply condemns most of the world population to mal-nutrition and starvation. As for local, each are tends to be more suitable for certain food crops and thus this are of Lancashire is great for sheep and cattle and potatoes:-  for market gardening you need to move 30 miles south to West Lancs – for fruit it is Worcestershire and grain , East Anglia and the south. Then bananas, oranges and rice do not so well here 😦

The argument for local food from local agriculture touches our heart string but it will not feed the world. This blog from a Canadian makes some good points. (I follow his blog but often do not agree with him, but agree more with this blog.)

P. S. all environmental issues whether energy , food, water or whatever are all inter-related in a complex web.


Source: Debunking the Leap Manifesto – Demand #9: Local agriculture is not always better

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