Just pray?

The silliness of politically correct atheism whereby all are offended because none can be offended. (My atheist friends are all politically incorrect atheists!!)

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This is the text of an article requested this morning by the Yorkshire Post in relation to the decision by cinema advertising bodies not to show an advert about the Lord’s Prayer in their cinemas before Christmas this year. The decision has provoked a spat in the media and on social media – some of it even polite.

So, the major cinema chains have banned a one-minute advert from being shown in their theatres on the grounds that people may be offended. God, give me strength. (Which is a prayer.)

If you don’t pray, then you are almost certainly in a small minority of people on the planet. Even people who claim no faith seem to admit to praying in certain circumstances.

In the last couple of weeks we have seen hashtags and posters, banners and even football scarves, emblazoned with ‘pray4paris’. Why? As I said on last Friday’s Thought…

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2 thoughts on “Just pray?

  1. Paul Braterman

    You miss the point. From what I read (correct me if I’m wrong) the ad involved actual prayer. As a nonbeliever I would have found this embarrassing; when in my youth I was a firm believer in a non-christian religion, I would have found such imposed passive participation painful, and would have felt it necessary to walk out.

    Non-participation in prayer, just like voluntary participation, is a fundamental human right.



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