Dangers of going to US fundamentalist college where all carry guns

I had to re-blog this. I met Frankie when he was 18 when I went to study under his dad Frank Schaeffer at L’Abri in Switzerland.

My time there was fraught as Frankie’s bro-in-law Udo tried to make me a creationist


Also father Frank was a founder of the Moral Majority precursor to the Rielgious Right, along with Frankie

Frankie reneged and is one of many ex-fundamentalists

This satirical piece sums up what is wrong with the evangelical/fundamentalist gun culture, which seems quite happy that in the USA toddlers shoot more people than adults do in Britain


Enjoy or not!!



Source: Top Ten Reason to Go To Falwell’s Liberty U Now Students and Professors Are All Carrying Guns


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