Aristotle Killer of Science!

The Renaissance Mathematicus

Recent times have seen a plague of Aristotle bashing basically accusing him of having held up the progress of science. I’m not sure if this started with Steven Weinberg’s book To Explain the World: The Discovery of Science but its publication and the interviews he gave, in which he forcibly expressed one or other version of this idea, certainly increased the occurrence of this accusation. Recently I stumble across a particular concise and trenchant version and I thought it might be instructive, as a historian of science, to analyse its core claim. As I hope to demonstrate only somebody totally ignorant of Western history could possible claim as, the splendidly named, Fuck Em Up Squanto (@Bro_Pair) did, on Twitter, that:

Aristotle was so smart it took world civilization 2000 years to recover from his disastrous physics ideas

First we need to get his time frame turned into concrete dates. According…

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